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About Mini Wings

Mini Wings provides a safe and supportive environment for our children to thrive. We want to see our children happy and healthy so we support and encourage them in any way we can. Whether it’s playing games with them, walking them back from school or helping them with their homework.

“A child must know that he is a miracle that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be another child like him.”

Pablo Casals

Mini Wings Provides

Mini Wings plays an important role in our children's lives.

A Fulfilling Time In Their Lives

Our children are the future and some of them have had to face family struggles, hardship and loss at such a young age. We want to help these children cope, provide encouragement and support them to grow up to be the best version of themselves. We want our children to enjoy their time at Mini Wings and in their future, see it as a rewarding and fulfilling time in their lives.

Sensory Room

We have a fantastic sensory room to offer quiet reflective play in a safe environment. This room is available to rent to the public, please contact: We also have a dedicated play therapy room for the play therapist to work 1-1 with children.

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