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Walk of Hope

We’ve decided to do a walk,
To encourage people to talk;
About things deep inside,
That we often want to hide.
A charity pushed to fight
Mental health with all their might;
We hope you’ll lend a hand,
As our team take a stand.
Walking in their shoes,
To change our communities’ views.

Last year we slept out on the streets for a night, to raise awareness of the work we do in our community. We wanted to raise awareness for homelessness; not necessarily people who are living on the streets, but those who are living in shells of houses, without bed sheets on their beds, or carpets on their floor. We used the hashtag #vwintheirshoes.

We have felt a fighting spirit rise within us, as we have noticed how much mental health underlines the work we do at Via Wings. There are so little services within our area which are aimed at increasing well-being. As a charity, we want to stand in the gap and provide a service within our new community building which will help increase mental health.

Between Thursday 10th August and Sunday 13th August, we are literally walking in their shoes, as we take on our biggest venture yet … walking from Dromore to Dublin. On a bad day, one of the hardest things to do is to get out of bed; to walk. It’s not about the number of miles we are walking, it is about a staff team and volunteers coming together and encouraging one another to complete this as a team. On bad days a helping hand, a smile, a word of encouragement or a gentle touch can be just what we need to get started. That is what we want this walk to symbolise; that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that Via Wings is here to support and walk alongside those in need.

There is still time to join us along the way. If you would like some more information contact or call 02892698378. If you would like to donate to our cause, our justgiving link is below. All funds raised will go towards a therapeutic suite in our new home. This will consist of more creative and holistic therapies, such as reflexology and aromatherapy, as well as teaching important skills such as breathing techniques and relaxation.

Visit Our Just Giving Page

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