Coming soon…

Looking forward to 2020 we are delighted to be hosting our Ladies Day event which will take place on Saturday 21st March. We are really excited to be able to announce guest speaker Priscilla Reid will be heading up the event. Priscilla has participated in previous womens events and she is truly inspirational. Tickets for this event will be on sale soon and will sell out fast so watch this space.   

This year our amazing sensory garden and sensory room will be finalised and unveiled. Both will be a huge assett to our community and surrounding areas as its the only one of its kind within the district. This offers huge advantages to children and adults with special needs. Details of the official opening will be announced soon.

2020 also sees the launch of our Wellness Centre fundraising campaign, as we are excited to reveal that planning permission has recently been awarded for our unused building. We have big plans for this space and we cant wait to start planning what’s in store for the coming year for the wellbeing of the women of our community. Exciting times ahead! As always thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support we receive from our amazing team, volunteers, residents and neighbours. Together we can do so much and lift our communities people up on wings like eagles.