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Recycled Teenagers out on the town

Thanks to a really generous donation of theatre tickets our intrepid group of older ladies were out for a meal and a trip to Armagh one Friday in May. They had an absolute blast enjoying the music of the seventies and as you can see they were still going strong long after lights were out and doors were shut. These ladies really do benefit so much from the social platform Via Wings provides. Much laughter is good medicine for the soul.

Walk of Hope

In 2016 we slept out on the streets for a night, to raise awareness of the work we do in our community. We wanted to raise awareness for homelessness; not necessarily people who are living on the streets, but those who are living in shells of houses, without bed sheets on their beds, or carpets on their floor. We used the hashtag #vwintheirshoes There are so few services within our area which are aimed at increasing well-being. As a charity, we want to stand in the gap and provide a service within our new community building which will help increase mental health.

SO in 2017 between Thursday 10th August and Sunday 13th August, we decided to literally ‘walk in their shoes’, as we took on our biggest venture yet … walking from Dromore to Dublin. 84.5 miles. We felt every inch of them!! On a bad day, one of the hardest things to do is to get out of bed; to walk. Back in August a staff team and volunteers came together to encouraging one another to complete this as a team. On bad days a helping hand, a smile, a word of encouragement or a gentle touch can be just what we need to get started. That is what the walk symbolised; that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that Via Wings is here to support and walk alongside those in need.

It was a tough challenge but we did it! And what is more we raised an astonishing amount of money through sponsorship and kind donations. The funds we raised have been earmarked for a therapy suite in our new building. We shall be telling you more about that once the paperwork is completed and we have the keys.

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